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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Installing Unsigned Application on Nokia N95

This guide is a tutorial of How to install a program in your cellphone without needing signing in or send it on for signing? This tutorial is about for 10-15mins but you only need to do it once. And you can now install anything you want.

Just Follow this Steps:
1) Download this ZIP file and extract it somewhere.

2) Install HelloCarbide.sisx and Y_Browser_3rdEd_088_3.SIS to your phone.

3) Inside either the fp1 folder or the prefp1 folder, depending on whether your phone has Feature Pack 1 or not, you'll find 4 files. Copy all of these files to the Memory Card of your phone.

Note: Nokia N95 has Feature Pack 1, but I'm unsure about other phones. I believe you can find out by opening the About program on the phone.

4) Open Y-browser (or any other file browser for that matter) and press menu again to minimize it.

5) Run HelloCarbide. Press Options and select Menu1. When prompted with "'Done...probably" click Yes. The application should crash and close. This is good.

6) Copy the provided CProfDriver_SISX.ldd and installserver.exe files to C:\sys\bin folder using Y-Browser.

7) You'll notice that programs etc. won't open now - don't panic. This is a side effect of using HelloCarbide.

8) Restart your phone and you will be able to install any app without signing! You're done!

9) Extra: Install the CapsOn.sisx and CapsOff.sisx files - CapsOff will give you access to system folders like C:\Private etc, and CapsOn will return the security system - so that programs like Ngage work.

That's it! It worked for me no problem on my N95, but if anyone has any problems let me know! In fact let me know also if it works!

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