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Monday, December 29, 2008

Speed up your Internet Connection by 16% to 20%

This guide is base on other blogs.
This is just a little tweak for XP and already done by me. It works for me 100% sure. Our computer on windows xp is reserving our bandwith for 20%. I don't have a clue why did the Microsoft company are putting this one(I readed on some blogs that this is use for updating). Don't let your bandwith loose 20% thats a big speed when your using a high speed broadband. well here are the steps to increase your speed. Follow the guide below.

1.) Click start.
2.) Click run then Enter "gpedit.msc"(without the " ").
3.) Go to "Local Computer Policy".
4.) Then select "Computer Configuration".
5.) Then go to "Administrive Template".
6.) After that go to "QOS Packet Scheduler".
7.) Double click on "Limit reservable Bandwidth".
8.) Now, enable it and set it to zero. Done.

Your bandwith and speed should be increase by 16 to 20%..

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