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Monday, December 15, 2008

How to increase your IQ

Here are the guides that are helpful to increase your IQ. This is helpful especially when your taking test and you need to memorize..
There are many ways to increase your IQ.
The first one is by breathing..

Breath Deep to increase your IQ because this relax your brain and your body. It also been the most effective ways of improving the function of your brain immediately. This is a quick way to increase IQ. By the way, if you breath through your nose, you are more likely to breath deeply.

Meditating also helps, because of deep breathing aspect and it allows you to true relaxation of your body and mind that you can be creative on problem solving..

Self-Hypnosis may help you increase you intelligence quotient. At they have an audio download that will help you improve concentration, and one to program your brain with problem solving techniques. I have to tell you that I haven't tried them yet, but they are inexpensive and they guarantee they'll work or they'll refund your money.

The Second one is What You Eat can Decrease or Increase Your IQ.

Consume ginkgo biloba
. Whether in capsules or tea or off a neighbors tree, ginkgo leaves have been shown to increase blood flow to the brain, helping memory and concentration. The effect is quick, and doesn't seem to diminish with regular use.

Drink coffee is also a help to increase our IQ because everything from test score on student exams to chess games have been shown to improve after a cup of coffee or other drink containing caffeine. It is a temporary effect, however, and caffeine may have adverse long-term effects for regular users.

The third one is to Move Your Body

Sleep well
- I know that many people know already this. Sleeping well can relax your body, replenish your mind and can remove stress. Just be sure to sleep up to 8hours a night.

Exercise is one of the best way to make your blood pump and make your brain think better. Walking or Jogging can be seems to work. (NOTE It is better to join on sport than sitting on the front of television all day and doing nothing.)

Sit up Straight and Close your Mouth. Good posture can affect your mind or brain in thinking because if your sitting properly your brain can think clearly. Did you notice in school when you're not sitting properly you feel like sleepy and can't think a better Idea but when you're in a good posture you are willing and interested on the teacher's topic.

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