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Sunday, January 18, 2009

How to download a imeem music FLV file using Free Music Zilla

Free music zilla is a software that allow you to download a FLV format(Flash Video) files. Which you can convert to video or music by the use of other program. For example you download a video from youtube you need a video converter. Just google any free converter.

Well lets start now.
This guide is about how to download a music from imeem or youtube or any online music and video streaming website. First of all this is a bit complicated to do just follow every instruction to do it perfectly. by the way I also include a flash player for you to play the music file even you still dont have a converter to convert it.

To download online on Imeem.

(1) Install Free Music Zilla and run Free Music Zilla first:

Free IMEEM™ Downloader step 1

Free Music Zilla is monitoring IE and FireFox by default. Click here to see how to monitore other browser.

(2) Visit IMEEM™.com and play the IMEEM™ music. The playing music will be grabed by Free Music Zilla:

Free IMEEM™ Downloader step 2

(3) Select the grabbed IMEEM™ music then click 'Download' button. The IMEEM™ music will be downloaded.

Please download it before 'Leech Timeout' count down to 0 and keep the music is playing when downloading.

Free IMEEM™ Downloader step 3

Free IMEEM™ Downloader step 4

  • (1) You could run Free Music Zilla to start sniffer BEFORE playing the IMEEM™ music in webpage. If Free Music Zilla don't capture the IMEEM™ music, try refresh the page and make sure the music is PLAYING.
  • (2) The IMEEM™ music file is in FLV format. And lots of FLV players are in software download sites. Or you can download one of them at here.
  • (3) Please keep the IMEEM™ music playing when downloading. Or the download will be failed.

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