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Friday, January 2, 2009

How to Uninstall A program

I know some of you already know how to uninstall but I made this guide for others that want to know about removing some program that are junk in there computer.
There are 2 ways of removing a program.

The first way to removing some programs is.
1.)goto My Computer.
2.)Open Drive C.
3.)Select Program files.
4.)Then go to the folder you want to remove.
5.)after that Open the folder you have selected then find the Uninstall.exe

The Second way is easy compare to the 1st one.
1.)Click Start
2.)Point to Settings
3.)Select Control Panel
4.)After you open the control panel Find the Add/Remove Program
5.)Select Change or Remove programs Tabs
6.)Find the program you want to remove
7.)Them after that just click on the remove button. It will automatically Removes the Program.

I hope i help you ^^.

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