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Saturday, January 24, 2009

How to Share a Directory on a Network in Windows Vista

  1. Find a directory in Windows XP or Vista and do the following.
  2. Right click the directory
  3. Go to properties
  4. Sharing tab
  5. In Windows XP - Check mark - Share this folder on the network and check mark allow network users to change my files. (if you like)
  6. In Windows Vista - Click on the share button (do this if you want to share with other users on a PC. if not skip this and the next step.
  7. Use the drop down and select Everyone (All users in this list) or you can be specific and choose the computer of choice.
  8. Click on Advanced Sharing
  9. Check mark Share this folder
  10. Click the Permissions button
  11. Modify the Permissions as needed
  12. Click ok
  13. Apply
  14. Ok
  15. Close

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