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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Low internet Service

wHoah sMarT Bro really suck.. It only waist your money by paying them with a crap service. hmm. We already dont have an internet for 6 days now and we always follow up are complain everyday but they are not doing anything their just getting your phone number call you and tell you that you computer has an virus.. whaTta hell Virus.?(lol) I told them i always scan my computer almost every 6 hours to prevent virus form attacking my system. After that their Tech Team came to our house. You know what.? I'm laughing on them they dont know what they are doing. They dont even know how to use a anti virus to scan my computer and then they ask me for a help. But after that they configure my canopy system. Jackpot!! my internet was back after they live. After an hour my internet disconnect again and i flood them with complain via cell phone. whoAa.. WhaTta crap service they are not giving a good service.. smart bro company just close down your company. Your service is to expensive but your giving a low quality and I'm lock with that stupid lock in period i can't cancel our contract. Oh!! sHeEzZ.. PLDT my dsl is way better than your service I did'nt think that i'll be expiriencing some problem with you. I thought you are a good quality ISP. But I'm wrong If i could just Smack that contract on your face and apply to another ISP it would be better than giving some shit to your customers. I know you all know almost everyday many customer are complaning about your service even on some blogs or etc. you can see Smart bro sucks/Smart Broken company.. lol.. just close Down smartbro. You can't Give your customer a good quality isp. hmmmm...

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